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grep hangs on recursive search

Today we had the problem, that a recursive grep was hanging without any output. First approach was to look at what grep was doing: ps -ef | grep grep strace -p GREP_PID Grep tried to read a file supervise uses: # strace -p 4522 Process 4522 attached - interrupt to quit open("clamd/supervise/ok", O_RDONLY) = ? ERESTARTSYS (To be restarted) After a quick Google search StackOverflow brought the solution - add -D skip to the grep command to skip sockets and FIFO files.

LTE with Asus WL-330N3G, ZTE MF831 and OpenWrt

For some time now I used the mobile router Asus WL-330N3G with a 3G USB modem. As LTE is now readily available I needed to upgrade my gear. Hofer, one of our local disconters, offers a LTE modem - a ZTE MF831 (). With it comes a HoT sim card (carrier t-mobile AT), which I’ve found not work in more rural areas so one should better choose a A1 based provider (A1, bob, Yessss!

Extract multiple partial directories from a Subversion repository

Subversion almost got me today. Scenario: Multiple parts or subdirectories of an existing Subversion repository should be synced to an exposed Subversion server to give someone access to the code in this directories - only those directories and only readonly. So bear in mind that this solution is only working one way (and downhill with tailwind). First attempt: Since Subversion 1.5 partial sync of a repository is possible. This sounds promising but after some searching in the documentations I throw away this plan because only one subdirectory can be synced to a mirror repository at a time.